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High Desert Sauce Co

Verdant Fire

Verdant Fire

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Welcome to this year's Red Label Reserve Limited Set! In your hands you hold the least aggressive sauce of the 4. We chose this wording as calling this sauce "mild" in any sense of the word would just be lying (we don't like doing that)! A LOT of yellow ghost peppers have been added to a base of fire roasted green chilies, tomatillo & garlic. We promise to get your tongue tingling, your mouth burning & your brow glistening to kick off this year's set. This sauce is nowhere near mild... but it is the mildest sauce in this set. Tread lightly and enjoy!

Ingredients: Peppers (Poblano, Jalapeno, Yellow Ghost Pepper), Distilled Vinegar, Crushed Tomatillo, Garlic, Salt, Green Onion, Lime Juice

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