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High Desert Sauce Co

Red Label Set

Red Label Set

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Hey folks - It's that time of year again. This year's limited set features 4 fiery sauces:  Verde, Sriracha, Taco Sauce & an EXTREMELY Hot Take on the Fire Roasted Red. As always, this set is meant for the real heat seekers! If you ARE NOT accustom to insanely spicy products this set IS NOT for you! This year we are burning for a cause yet again. Proceeds from this set will be donated to a Spicy Community member and his family while his wife goes through treatment for Ovarian Cancer. No less than $2.00 from EVERY BOTTLE sold will be gifted to help offset the newly accrued medical expenses and everyday living costs. #letsraisesomemoney

Verdant Fire

Welcome to this year's Red Label Reserve Limited Set! In your hands you hold the least aggressive sauce of the 4. We chose this wording as calling this sauce "mild" in any sense of the word would just be lying (we don't like doing that)! A LOT of yellow ghost peppers have been added to a base of fire roasted green chilies, tomatillo & garlic. We promise to get your tongue tingling, your mouth burning & your brow glistening to kick off this year's set. This sauce is nowhere near mild... but it is the mildest sauce in this set. Tread lightly and enjoy!


Sweet, salty, garlicky & HOT! This simplistic sauce features a foundation of red bell peppers. We added lots of garlic, agave nectar, more salt than we normally would & way too many ghost peppers... tryna make sure we get your forehead sweaty, esophagus burning & tummy rumbling. Slight trepidation may be present at this stage, not to worry - this is just the start of the painful pleasure. We want you to question the unfortunate possibilities moving forward. Tread a little lighter and enjoy!

Hot AF Taco

Wondering what the future holds? Open this bottle and find out. Not gonna lie, it continues to get worse from here. Hot AF Taco features the red & chocolate ghost pepper which is blended with warm spices, fire roasted ingredients, garlic & onion in hopes to bring some flavor before the REAL assault on your palette begins. Full on sweats & slight panic may be present as cap cramps start to settle in... Not Sorry! Live with the decision you made. Tread even lighter & Enjoy!


In your hands you hold a bottle of impending destruction! The pure pain of a flesh melting fire awaits your tastebuds & is coming to demolish your insides. A base of fire roasted ingredients with garlic, onion & peppercorns sets the stage for the pain you're about to ensue. Brief hints of flavor are detected before the all encompassing burn unleashes its hate upon your soul. This is, by far, the HOTTEST thing I have ever put in a bottle!!! Panic mode imminent. Tread at your own risk and attempt to enjoy. Again, Not Sorry! ** HDSC assumes ZERO (0) responsibility for your poor choice to consume the contents within this 5 oz woozy.**

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